Magda Apanowicz on "Continuum" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Magda Apanowicz on Continuum

(10:00 PM EST, Syfy)

We got pretty excited here at See Her Tonight over Lexa Doig being back with Continuum–which, of course, also got us thinking about her costar Magda Apanowicz. She’s yet another Canadian cutie who’s become a genre star just by living in the country where genre shows get filmed cheap. Magda Apanowicz, however, is also a big name as a proper Geek Goddess who’s been known to geek out away from work. She’s a real favorite at sci-fi conventions, and we wouldn’t be surprised if director Eli Roth hadn’t met her at one before casting her in his upcoming cannibal epic The Green Inferno.
And, hey, the first trailer for The Green Inferno just came out this week. That gave us another excuse to have Magda on our minds. Besides, we needed an excuse to spiffy up our collection of hot Magda Apanowicz pics. She doesn’t do a lot of traditionally hot photo shoots, but she’s got a great bod that needs to be appreciated. We were slow to appreciate her ourselves, though. We didn’t even pick up on her presence when Magda launched her career in movies like The Butterfly Effect and Slither. Heck, we didn’t really even notice her appearance on an episode of The L Word.
We really discovered Magda on the relatively uncool tweener show Kyle XY. Magda was memorably (and awkwardly) hot in that one, and then showed off a different side on the sci-fi series Caprica (where she landed alongside Leah Gibson). She’s stayed busy ever since, and Continuum has been a great showcase for the gal. Now we’re happy to have a gallery that’s a better showcase for her bod…

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