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Jaime Pressly Can Haunt Our House Any Time [PHOTOS]


Jaime Pressly is the biggest shock in A Haunted House 2–which makes sense, since the movie opens today as the sequel to a horror spoof, so it’s not supposed to really be scary, but we still got a big thrill out of seeing Jaime Pressly on the big screen. There hasn’t been nearly enough opportunities for that over the years. In fact, Jaime’s last appearance at the multiplexes was in The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, which bombed big as a kiddie film back in 2012.

That was a typical misuse of Jaime, who’s had to work hard to prove to Hollywood that she’s no mere sex bomb. Of course, she launched her career in plenty of sexy roles, becoming an overnight direct-to-video star in 1997’s Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. She starred in plenty of low-budget productions, and quickly got a chance to act in movies with two films from 1998. Ringmaster was a failed attempt to build a film around The Jerry Springer Show, and Jaime was perfectly shameless in her slutty role.

She had a much smaller role in the epic teen-party film Can’t Hardly Wait, and didn’t even get her name spelled right in the credits. Jaime kept working, though, and had another hit-and-miss year in 2001 with roles in the comedy bomb Tomcats and the more successful Joe Dirt and Not Another Teen Movie.

That helped Jaime make it into our living rooms on a regular basis on My Name Is Earl, where she finally was taken seriously as a comedienne. She hasn’t had much sitcom success since then, but A Haunted House 2 proves that Jaime is still an expert in sexy schtick. Check out these pics and see why we’re disappointed the movie wasn’t in 3D…

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