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Dan Bilzerian Once Again Proves His Life Is Better Than Yours [VIDEO]


If you didn’t know by now, your life pales in comparison to millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian). This dude is literally living like a real life James Bond. He’s constantly surrounded by tons of beautiful women and in this video, he’s actually shooting machine guns. Well, there’s also a ton of hot girls shooting the machine guns as well, so don’t worry.

On this particular episode of “Dan’s Life Is Better Than Yours,” Dan is hanging out with “FPS Russia” aka the “Professional Russian” and shooting melons. Of course they immediately make a “melons” joke with all of the girls there. There’s also a fun part later in the video where the Russian grabs a “butt model” and Dan grabs a surprise one. So get ready for that.

The whole thing reminded us of Hot Shots, which we were huge fans of… However, once again, our invite got lost in the mail.

If you’re not following this guy on Instagram yet, get on it. Actually, better yet follow some of the hot girls in the video, because we all know that’s what you’re after. Jen Mateo, Jessica Lopez and Michelle Scott are the real standouts, in case you were wondering.

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