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Barbara Palvin Got Naked For Marie Claire Italy [PHOTOS]


Barbara Palvin got naked during a photo shoot for Italian Marie Claire, and we have a pretty good idea how that happened. “You-a big dummy,” said the Italian photographer, “why did-a you forget all the fancy clothes for the Hungarian supermodel?” “Because-a,” replied the assistant, “I am a genius, and the photo shoot goes much better this way!” Then the two hugged each other because, yes, it’s true that Barbara Palvin looks better on the beach when she’s pretty much nude.

There does appear to be some kind of clothing involved in these pics. It seems to be some exciting fashion line made up of whatever fabric washes ashore and can be draped around 20-year-old beauties who are about to make their film debut in the upcoming Hercules. Hey, that sounds just like Barbara Palvin! Maybe she learned how to improvise handbras on the set of that movie, courtesy of Dwayne Johnson. That guy never wears a shirt.

Fortunately, neither does Barbara in some of these great shots–and the clothed pics aren’t bad, either. Take a look and suddenly start pondering which of your local newsstands sells the Italian edition of Marie Claire. We’ve never been happier to be working in the Fashion District…

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