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Nina Agdal’s Butt Could Save The New Orleans Pelicans [PICS + VIDEO]


Nina Agdal decided to shoot some hoops, and that just gave us a fabulous new idea for how a few struggling NBA teams could get people back in the stands. Don’t go stealing our idea, either. There’s absolutely nothing obvious about it, and we’re pretty sure that nobody’s ever come up with the idea of women in lingerie playing professional sports. Right? Yeah, it’s totally groundbreaking. Just look how good Nina looks in a mere t-shirt and hot pants…

Anyway, Nina Agdal is sure showing some fine form here. It’s also another example of how Nina has really spent this year as one of the most high-profile models around. In fact, we’re thinking that 2014 might be the Year of Nina Agdal (and Nina Agdal Handbras, and Nina Agdal Leaked Nude Pics). Her only real competition is Kate Upton bouncing in with her big-screen debut. Anyway, admire these sports videos for a while, and then enjoy these plentiful pics of Nina in her other natural element–that being a bikini and even skimpier clothes…

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