Laura Prepon: Too Tall For Tom Cruise, Just Right For Us [PHOTOS]


It’s a big day for Laura Prepon–as the new trailer for Orange Is The New Black assures fans of the Netflix prison series that she’ll be back as a luscious lesbian drug lord, and just as the rumor mill starts that the former ’70s Show star might be lined up as the next Mrs. Tom Cruise. And while our first thought was that the Amazonian gal is clearly too tall for Tom Cruise, the sad truth is that Laura is only 5’10”. That’s an entire inch shorter than Nicole Kidman. [UPDATE: Now we have an official denial from a Tom Cruise rep on the rumor, and that makes sense because think of how grumpy Nicole Kidman must have been slouching all the time.]

In any case, it seems that we can’t trust Tom Cruise to rule out Laura Prepon over a height requirement. Now we have to worry about all of these rumors giving Tom a good idea for his next companion. We’re not too thrilled about the whole idea of a Cruise connection, but at least we can comfort ourselves with hot pics of Laura–who, honestly, we always thought was more likely to be bigger than Mila Kunis in the post-’70s career…

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