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Kathryn Prescott on “Reign” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Kathryn Prescott on Reign

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

We here at See Her Tonight know that Reign can’t hold a battle axe to Game of Thrones, but we’re still fond of it as a fun look at medieval teens. Also the show has graced us with Katie Boland and, verily, Caitlin Stasey’s infamous masturbation scene. And now we’re getting a sensational British import tonight with Kathryn Prescott–who’s appearing as a petulant young queen after scoring in the UK as a lovely lesbian teen. Certain television fans will know that we’re referring to Kathryn’s amazing work on the controversial show Skins, where Kathryn scored with costar Lily Loveless as two characters who came (out) together to create one of England’s more popular Sapphic couplings.

We should also note that Kathryn’s fraternal twin sister Megan was also a Skins regular. Kathryn got the splashier storyline, though. Her character eventually came to New York City, but it’s taken longer for Kathryn to make it into American living rooms. She’s shown up on Syfy in an episode of Being Human, but we’re really hoping that we’ll be seeing more of her as Princess Penelope. Well, we think that Penelope counts as a princess. We’ll have to tune in tonight to be sure, while hoping that Penelope has a longer life expectancy than Game of Throne‘s Prince Joffrey. SPOILER!

Anyway, check out these amazing pics of Kathryn, as the redhead goes from offbeat beauty to a more classic appeal. We also have some of Kathryn’s more memorable moments from Skins, which is a reminder that it’s a shame that MTV canceled their version of the show so quickly. The great news is that Kathryn herself will soon be on MTV in the new drama Finding Carter. And the old MTV Skins still gave us Sofia Black-D’Elia–so check out her skin after enjoying Kathryn’s curves…

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