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Irina Shayk Will Be Hooters Girl At First Russian Hooters [PHOTOS]


Irina Shayk Hooters1

Here’s something you might never have imagined in your wildest dreams: Irina Shayk serving you wings and beer while wearing a Hooters shirt. But if you find yourself in Moscow late this April, anything could happen–and it’s all because of Nets forward and Russian basketball Andrei Kirilenko.

The man commonly known as “AK-47” will be bringing the first ever Hooters franchise to Moscow on April 28th and (if you believe their Facebook page) will be featuring none other than Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk as “Hooter Girl for a week.” That’s the kind of move that ultra-mogul and Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov would be proud of.

But why Hooters? Why now?

In an interview he did with Bloomberg Magazine, Andrei explained, ““Russians and Americans are more alike than different — huge sports fans who are looking for great food and good times. When you’ve got waitresses that look like ours, it’s a slam dunk.”

It always amazes and impresses me how loyal Russian athletes are to their own women. Obviously they’ve got good reason to be with ladies like Irina, but still. Take this interview with Ovechkin, for example. It’s like they go out their way to let Americans know that their women are gorgeous. But I digress.

Here are a few notes about the Hooters you might want to keep in mind:

• Their waitresses will be fantastic looking.

• There will be 40 flat-screen televisions.

• When Hooters Russia finally opens, Andrei Kirilenko will be much more than the proud owner of the best/worst dragon tattoo in NBA history.

• It still remains unknown if Andrei Kirilenko’s wife’s rule of letting him openly cheat will apply to Hooters Girls.

• It still remains unknown if the Russian Hooters girls will let Andrei Kirilenko cheat with them.

• The Russian Hooters will likely not be a place that you can go and spend less than $120 a meal. Russia (Moscow) is notoriously² expensive.

• Putin will have his own VIP section (probably)

• Their waitresses will be fantastic looking. Oh did we already say that?

• If your name is Andrei Kirilenko, keep in mind that my schedule is as wide open as the New York Knicks paint defense (Brooooooklynnnn) on April 28th. I am available to fly out there for the grand opening.

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