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Community College Professor Disciplined For “Game of Thrones” Quote


Bergen Community College Game of Thrones i

Brace yourself–douchebag college administrators are coming. Or, in this case, have come for Professor Francis Schmidt of Bergen Community College in New Jersey? His big crime that’s worthy of an episode of Community? Professor Schmidt posted this picture of his young daughter on his Google+ page. Yep, the one that you’re looking at right here.

The quote, of course is from Game of Thrones. Specifically, it’s from the character of Daenerys, who’s making a pretty dramatic claim that she’s going to return to power in war-torn Westeros. Daenerys is the kind of empowered princess that a good college is supposed to encourage as a female role model.

Francis Schmidt is an art and animation professor. Jim Miller is one of the executive directors at Bergen Community College who got an automated email with the image of Schmidt’s daughter. Miller decided that the picture had to be some kind of death threat towards the administrators–mainly because it was glaringly obvious to Miller (as he told security) that “I will take what is mine with fire and blood” referred to Schmidt wanting to shoot up the school with an AK-47.

And so Schmidt was put on leave back in January. The good news today is that Schmidt is back teaching, but there’s still lots of drama, and subsequent events at Bergen Community College suggest that Miller was less an idiot and more of a lackey for a sad attempt to keep the faculty in line. Still, keep in mind that there are way too many administrators trying to justify their salary on college campuses. Your professor just might be forced to be really dull in (and out) of the classroom.

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