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Sky Ferreira Is Looking A Lot Healthier Than Miley Cyrus [PICS + VIDEO]


Miley Cyrus is canceling shows while she recovers from an allergic reaction–but her opening act Sky Ferreira is staying very busy. The alt-rock pop diva has just debuted the official video to her new song “I Blame Myself,” which we can only link to right now ,but you should check it out. The new clip is kind of a perfect summary of the Sky Ferreira sound. You have the raccoon-eyed beauty looking like she’s daring some dangerous terrain, and then you get served up some bubbly radio fodder with more male dancers striking a pose.

Also, there’s a big fashion tie-in with the SSENSE label. You’ll notice the local graffiti includes an endorsement for the fashion line. We’ve driven through this video’s setting of Compton before, but we don’t remember seeing that particular tag. But we’re not goofing on Sky Ferreira. We’re pretty fond of last year’s full-length debut of Night Time, My Time. And we’re very happy that Sky has landed a splashy opening slot on Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour.

And we really, really like the rumors that Sky and Miley have indulged in some Sapphic sisterhood. It’s also nice to see Sky getting to be all healthy while Miley is in the hospital. Sky has an offbeat sex appeal, anyway, and it’s not built on her glowing skin. She’s kind of like Avril Lavigne, except Avril Lavigne really had to pile on the makeup to get the look that Sky has naturally.

We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sky in the clubs, too, and we can guarantee that she’s earning her alt-beauty. Now check out these pics and see why some guys are insisting that their dates get to the Miley Cyrus concert with plenty of time to spare…

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