Shane Van Der Westhuizen Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Shane Van Der Westhuizen is a gorgeous South African model who should be on your radar. The good news is that once she’s initially on your radar, you don’t have to worry about spelling her name twice. I’m kidding–you should absolutely learn how to spell it, just in case there’s the one-in-a-trillion chance you actually meet her because this woman everything in the world that’s gorgeous and pure.

Yes, she was in the SA Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and a cover girl for FHM South Africa, but the funny thing is that you’ve probably more familiar with her video work. This South African hottie was actually the lead role in the Axe Apollo beach ad (the one where she’s rescued by a lifeguard who she then leaves for an astronaut).

Right now Shane is represented by Fusion Models Management and is probably the favorite thing that we’ve seen all day. Make sure you follow her on Instagram right the F now.

Age: 23 | Nationality: South African

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