Miley Cyrus Allergic Reaction Cancels More Shows: Here’s Concert Pics



Miley’s rough month continues, with the pop diva being hospitalized yesterday in Kansas–due to an allergic reaction from antibiotics that she’d been taking. The twerker was placed on medical rest by her doctors, and has been forced to postpone her concert there. Sadly, no makeup date has been announced yet. She tweeted yesterday, letting all of her fans know just how upset she was about canceling the show…

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In the last month, Miley’s dog was killed, she performed a tribute to it in Brooklyn, she cancelled another date due to illness, and then she adopted a new dog before promptly giving it away because (as she explained) “that it was too soon.” Needless to say, Miley’s been all over the place this month.

The good–or maybe surprising–news is that it really does seem that Miley had an honest allergic reaction to something. She was seen in good health earlier that day, and wasn’t nodding off or doing anything else suspicious. It’s still a sad day for Kansas, of course. And also for St. Louis, as Miley just Tweeted this morning that she’ll be missing that date, too. So pity the kids who’ll be missing out on a spectacle like this…

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