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“Green Inferno” Trailer: The Big Screen Reclaims Cannibalism [VIDEO]


green inferno

TV has been cannibalizing the concept of cannibalism for awhile now. Eli Roth’s new horror movie The Green Inferno attempts to take it back to the dark depths of the cinema where it belongs and here’s a new teaser trailer for it.

Inspired by cult classics like the controversial Cannibal Holocaust, Roth and company wrote a movie about a group of student activists who fly to the rainforest to protect a local tribe from being driven out of the forest when their plane crashes and they are taken in by the very same people they set out to save. They soon learn that they aren’t just guests of their people who have been cut off from society. They intend to have them for dinner and not in the “We would love it if you came round for dinner” kind of way. The first teaser trailer for Roth’s latest hack and slash fest hit the web and even though it’s just a few fleeting glances of what’s sure to be a shocking film, it holds nothing back.

It’s nice to see cannibal plot lines in a feature length film rather than on TV. Audiences may be able to handle the concept more in the concept of a movie but it really doesn’t belong on TV like in the recent CSI episode starring Catrinel Menghia who we featured in a recent “See Her Tonight”, something the show covered not once but twice. It doesn’t even really work in the context of a show like Hannibal. What’s the point? All you’re doing is talking instead of showing. It’s like someone reading you the plot line of a porn movie.

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