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Brooklyn Decker Is Still Not Very Good At Taking Selfies [PHOTOS]


You’d think that Brooklyn Decker–a first ballot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Hall of Famer–would know how to take a good selfie by now, but apparently she’s unable to take a photo and look good at the same time. Just look at her most recent Instagram photo (@brooklynddecker) with Larry King. Total amateur hour.

OK we jest. Obviously she’s trying to look like a doofus, but she’s got a history of this “joke.” And if it was anyone else but Brooklyn, I’d move on and never look back–but it is Brooklyn aka the same woman who is behind each and every one of these sexy GIFs. So I forgive. Check out her best “worst” selfies she’s taken on Instagram and Twitter below.

**Seriously, though, nothing is more unsettling to me than a girl with a fake mustache.

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And now back to the Brooklyn you know…

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