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AC/DC Rumor Control: Malcolm Young’s Sick, Band Still Together [VIDEO]



AC/DC is not breaking up, despite the internet having a very busy day yesterday with rumors of the band’s demise. Legendary frontman Brian Johnson finally went to the press to make it official that that nobody’s missed the chance to see the amazing rock act. The bad news, however, is that Malcolm Young may have played his last gig with AC/DC. That’s courtesy of this Facebook announcement that was part of the rumor control…

So that should calm down yesterday’s rampant speculation–which mostly began when Australian reporter Peter Ford wrote on his Twitter page that he was sitting on a “sad detail” that he was waiting for AC/DC to announce to the public. Ford also said on his radio show that “we may never hear them perform or record ever again.”

This, of course, is just the latest in a long list of setbacks and comebacks for AC/DC. The band already had to enter the ’80s with original lead singer Bon Scott dying from alcohol poisoning. The founding members brought in Brian Johnson, and the group rose to power again for a good long stretch until 2012. That was when their 16th planned album was put on hold–due to health issues with an unidentified member of the band.

AC/DC is a very unique group, in that every member is a vital part of the band’s sound. It’s still kind of hard to imagine AC/DC without the current lineup. It’s even harder to imagine not getting to see AC/DC playing live, though, so we’ll settle for now with wishing Malcolm Young the best and waiting to see what happens next. Also, let’s listen to some AC/DC…

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