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26 Psychedelic Easter Eggs For A Very Special 4/20 [PHOTOS]


This Sunday is Easter. This Sunday is also April 20th, which means that this Easter Sunday is also the National Stoner Holiday of 420. Which makes for a very special day full of unlimited candy and what might be the best Easter brunching ever. In fact, we’re thinking that this might be the Wake ‘n Bake ever on a Sunday morning. Particularly if smoking a bowl gives you the munchies for hard-boiled eggs.

But if you’re looking to have a spectacularly trippy Easter, don’t neglect to take the time to admire the right kinds of Easter eggs. Yes, we’ve had some blissful moments with quality products that could turn even a solid-colored Easter egg into a fascinating multiverse. But imagine the hours you could spend pondering the right kind of Easter Eggs. We’ve found some instructions for you to make your own–but check out these wild eggy experiences to get you an idea of what you’re hunting for this Easter Sunday. But watch out for the one bad trip…

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