Emma Watson Turns 24: Here's Over 60 Sexy Emma Pics [PHOTOS]

In a world of former teen starlets gone bad, there are few gals more inspiring than Emma Watson–although a lot of guys wouldn’t mind if Emma Watson would go just a little more bad now that she’s 24 years old. That’s understandable. Emma Watson was the first crush of a generation of future men who watched her grow up in the Harry Potter movies. In fact, Emma starred as Hermione Granger in her first nine films (with the exception of voice work in a cartoon and a 2007 TV-movie).
That kind of early success meant two things: Emma Watson can be very selective about the roles that she takes, and Emma Watson doesn’t need to ever do nude scenes. Although she has been kind enough to admit that she’s certainly open to the idea. Which is nice, and it’s also great that Emma is enjoying a very grown-up career that makes her seem ready to take plenty of risks.
That’s why we knew better than to believe those dopey rumors that Emma was considering the lead role in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Emma’s been too busy making guys proud of their good taste in boyhood crushes. She’s done great work in smart movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring, and then proved that she could be one of the guys with a fun role as herself in This Is The End.
But, guys being guys, we’re still anxious for Emma to get sexy again onscreen. We have a few sexy movies stills here, along with plentiful other pics of Emma at her hottest. Enjoy the amazing shots that Emma has graced us with, and we’re going to go make our own birthday wish that Emma considers an artsy role in Nymphomaniac 3: The Quickening

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