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Dominos Unveils “Fried-Chicken-Crust” Pizza



In a further attempt to continue making fast food weirder, Dominos has now introduced “Specialty Chicken”–which the internet has now dubbed “Fried-Chicken-Crust pizza.” It would appear that Dominos is trying to cash in on the Pizza Hut stuffed crust catastrophe.

Don’t get your hopes up too high, though, upon hearing the term “Fried-Chicken-Crust.” From the product description, it really just sounds like this is basically chicken nuggets with “pizza toppings” on them. I’d be remiss to not mention that the sweet BBQ bacon flavor would be delicious.

The national campaign slogan surrounding Specialty Chicken is “Failure is an option.” Not the strongest start for the unveiling of a new product. From the sounds of it, we’re thinking that the chicken nugget idea is probably going to fail.

Maybe they should hop on the breakfast bandwagon and offer a breakfast pizza? Work with us here, Dominos. We’re trying to help you come up with better ideas so that we can get fatter.

If you are intrigued in this chicken mess then we suggest making your way to Washington, D.C., as it’s the only place where you can find it at this point.

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