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“Amazing Spider-Man 2” Spot Is Really Out To Spoil [VIDEO]


amazing spider-man 2

Comic book fans already know what’s in store for Peter Parker’s girlfriend in the latest Amazing Spider-Man movie–or at least, it’s what they’ve been hoping for, since comic book fans really want a Spider-Man film series that follows one of the heroes most tragic story arcs. Now it seems that the TV spot that premiered during the MTV Movie Awards really wants you to know that Gwen Stacy is SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER dead, dead, dead.

Sony has released a ton of ads and trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (set for release on May 2nd). However, this new spot really goes out of its way to warn you that Spidey’s love interest won’t make it to the final frame. There are allusions to how a super hero’s actions affect everyone around them. There are scenes of Spider-Man/Peter Parker talking about how he’s worried that he may not be strong enough to keep Gwen out of harm’s way. There’s even an uncomfortably long shot of what appears to be Gwen’s impending death.

The studio is basically doing everything they can to let you know that Gwen Stacy is going to die. The only thing that’s missing is having Stan Lee himself walk into the picture to make his umpteenth cameo and explain her death using a series of detailed charts and a slideshow. See for yourself, but we’re pretty sure that we’re right about this…

Let’s say for the sake of argument that she is going to die as she does in the comic book story on which the movie is based. It still would be nice for it to be a surprise. Part of the fun of going to a movie in a theater is getting out of your head and getting lost in the story and the scenes they present. This is the bigger than going to see The Sixth Sense and having someone remind you that Bruce Willis was really dead the whole time. It’s like someone telling you that this is the last time you’ll ever see a good twist ending in an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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