Emma Watson GIFs: 40 Hottest Animations On The Web

How do you improve on Over 60 Sexy Pics of Emma Watson? Well, we’re glad that you asked–since we’re still celebrating the birthday of Emma Watson with more presents for our readers. Just consider these 40 Hottest Emma Watson GIFs–which can only exist out of Emma being generous enough to provide plenty of hot poses over the years.

Yeah, it hasn’t been a whole lot of years. Emma’s only turning 24 years old today (that being April 15th, 2014), and she pretty much began her career as a movie star. Maybe you don’t remember that her first several films were the huge hits of the Harry Potter franchise. Lots of guys had their first crush over Hermione Granger, and Emma Watson has been able to be very selective about her roles ever since. The bad news is that means that Emma never had to do some kind of trashy exploitation. The good news is that Emma has still been eager to show off that she’s all grown up.

All of her adult film roles have mostly concentrated on mature themes–but movies like The Bling Ring and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower still provided memorable moments in motion. The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s greatest contribution to the world might be its use as a plot device in Wallflower, thanks to Emma’s character getting into a corset as part of a Rocky Horror tribute troupe. But we’ve also seen Emma embracing the fashion world, and there’s also been plenty of behind-the-scenes footage to fascinate guys.

You’ll see all of that in the GIFs below–plus some memorable moments from talk shows, and other Emma highlights that prove this gal doesn’t need a wand to keep her old fans enchanted…

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