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“X-Men: Days of Future Past” Opening Fight Scene [VIDEO]


First, we’re heading into SPOILER territory here with our look at the X-Men: Days of Future Past footage that aired on the MTV Movie Awards last night. Comic geeks know that the most legendary part of the original “Days of Future Past” story arc in the comic book was the X-Men cover with Wolverine being blasted by the anti-mutant Sentinels with the declaration that “This Issue: Everybody Dies!”

And that was no lie, since all of the X-Men really did get killed at the opening of that issue–and we’re expecting that X-Men: Days of Future Past will open in a similar way. We’re mainly thinking that this is how the movie can bring in a huge cast (like Halle Berry returning as Storm) and then get out of having a cluttered movie by killing off all the heroes in the opening minutes. That’s probably what’s happening here, although the “battle scene” is more like “a few minutes from the battle scene.” It’ll have to go on a lot longer to kill off all those X-Men.

Anyway, check out the footage and know that it’s just the beginning of what should be a mutant massacre–which will shock people who haven’t read the comic books, and they shouldn’t be watching X-Men movies, anyway. Are we right? Yeah. You know we’re right. Buncha non-geeks coming to the theater and taking up our seats. It sucks, man.

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