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Werewolf Drama “Hemlock Grove” Gets A Second Season On Netflix [VIDEO]


hemlock grove

Netflix has given a green light to another season for their underrated horror series Hemlock Grove–which is pretty great news for fans of the show that’s kind of gotten swamped by the likes of House of Cards and the return of Arrested Development. The show will return on July 11th, with Eli Roth once again overseeing the story of (still sexy) Famke Janssen and her adventures in a small Pennsylvania town haunted by the legend of a werewolf.

That same town has had plenty of dead bodies showing up, and there’s been a sharp mix of horror saga and murder mystery as the townsfolk try to root out the true monster among them. We know that murder and mayhem are part of just about every major network drama, but Hemlock Grove really holds nothing back from the audience. Their characters don’t just stand around talking about a murder victim who’s conveniently right outside of the camera’s frame. They show the damage, and that exploitive element provides a lot more impact on the scene and the story.

So here’s hoping that Hemlock Grove will find a bigger audience without so much competition on Netflix–and here’s the original trailer, which should get you ready to catch up on the clawings…

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