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The 100 Hottest Girls From Coachella 2014: Week One [PICS]


Would you believe that there were all kinds of incredibly hot girls at the Coachella Music Festival this weekend? Yeah, of course. Coachella is now the kind of big event where fashion designers actually hire models to roam the crowd while wearing sexy festival gear. There’s no shortage of sexy celebrities making the scene, either. We’d like to pretend that Coachella was still wild and hip and underground, but that would actually be pretty delusional.

But there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the ladies who made Coachella one of the most beautiful music festivals around. There really are some genuine music fans who make it into the fest, and you’ll see that a lot of those genuine gals are genuinely hot. We actually have a lot more than a mere 100 photos in this Coachella celebration–because you can’t narrow down the kind of crowd that includes plenty of COED’s favorite On Your Radar girls. You’ll find beauties like Sahara Ray, Bryana Holly, and Charlotte McKinney here–along with recent Miss COED Kelsey Norris.

The crowd also has pure amateurs and proven sex symbols. Those include Katy Perry, Emmy Rossum, Vanessa “Queen of Coachella” Hutchens, and other big names. We’ve avoided pics where the ladies are blatantly plugging Coachella corporate sponsors, though. That’s because we’re so punk rock–but not so punk rock that we wouldn’t mind lounging with those big names in the VIP lounges for places like McDonalds. Now check out these pics of why even the hardcore music fans can still get distracted at Coachella…

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