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Oregon State University is Doing Its Own Craft Beer Project


craft beer

Oregon has a famous history of home brewing and craft beer making. They’ve taken this long history and turned it into a history project that officially makes Oregon State University the coolest college in the world by attempting to document its long and storied history.

OSU announced they are collecting documents and artifacts for the Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives. Their goal is to create an official historic depository that details such important facets of the state’s homemade brew movement as the rise of pale ales and the study of plant genetics. OSU itself has a long history of craft beer and not just because their students like to drink so much of it that they forget their name or how to get home. OSU actually conducted experiments on craft beers all the way back in the 1890s. So they already have a good head start on gathering the raw data for their archives. We’re also pretty sure the project’s organizers and professors are fairly familiar with the local flavors or at least we would be if we got paid to study beer for a living.

Let’s hope that this starts a trend at other colleges and universities across the country because Oregon isn’t the only state with its own brewing culture. California has the most local brews by far and they’ve produced national names like Sierra Nevada and Anchor. Pennsylvania has six breweries that date back to pre-Prohibition and are chocked full of rich, historic goodness. Hell, let’s take it a step further. If this becomes a success, maybe we could have historic archives for legal marijuana and strip clubs someday as well. Now there’s a master’s degree that’s worth the lifetime cost of an overpriced student loan.

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