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Michelle Beisner Married Joe Buck, So There’s The Day’s Big Win [PICS]


Okay, so Joe Buck is a sports reporter for Fox NFL and a MLB commentator, and Michelle Beisner is a former NFL cheerleader and NFL Network reporter, and they went and got married in Mexico this weekend–and we’re thinking there has to be a conflict of interest there.┬áNot that we’re particularly concerned about anybody compromising the integrity of sports journalism. We just want an excuse for the marriage to get called off, because it’s kind of irritating to think of Joe Buck marrying Michelle Beisner, who at the very least deserves to marry a millionaire athlete or maybe a COED writer.

But it seems that we’re living in a lawless world, and Michelle Beisner is free to get married, even if Joe Buck doesn’t deserve a former Denver Broncos cheerleader because we nearly died of alcohol poisoning when we added “Joe Buck saying something stupid” to our Super Bowl Drinking Game. But let’s just think good thoughts about Michelle Beisner instead. She’s had a great career covering all kinds of sports–and picked up a lot of non-sports fans when she popped up on the big screen in Oliver Stone’s 1999 football drama Any Given Sunday.

She’s always high on the list whenever anyone compiles a selection of Hottest Female Sportscasters, and we’ll just assume that Michelle was also high this weekend, and will come to her senses soon enough. Until then, let’s enjoy these pics and marvel at how Joe Buck managed to date Michelle for a long time without saying something stupid enough to break up the relationship….

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