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Lindsay Lohan on “Two Broke Girls” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Lindsay Lohan on Two Broke Girls

(8:00 PM EST, CBS)

We’ve said goodbye to How I Met Your Mother (and all of the show’s sexy guest stars), and now it’s time for Two Broke Girls to start anchoring the CBS Monday lineup–and your See Her Tonight column is very happy to rehash old times with Lindsay Lohan launching the new time slot. There’s been a lot of speculation about this very special episode, of course. Lindsay Lohan would usually show up during Sweeps Month, but tonight’s episode is really more of a tie-in to Lindsay’s current reality show on the OWN, as the Officially Troubled Starlet proves that she can keep her act together long enough to film a guest role on a television show.

And it looks like Lindsay made it through the taping, since she wasn’t replaced by Amanda Bynes or some other gal needed to show off that she’s rehabilitated. Lindsay is playing a daffy bride in tonight’s episode, and the character’s indecision over a wedding cake really puts titular Girls Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs through a lot of trouble. We’d rather see a show dedicated to all of the trouble that Lindsay’s got into over her bad life decisions–but she’s trying to put that behind her, and we’re going to do the same.

At least for today, that is, as we check out a new gallery of pics of relatively recent Lindsay Lohan lusciousness. She’s really been looking good lately, and you’ll see that’s true even as these pics go back to her troubled shooting of Liz & Dick. Of course, you’re welcome to check out hot older pics of Lindsay, or even some very sexy Lindsay GIFs. We’re just thinking that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at these recent pics–and they should get you inspired to tune in tonight…

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