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Justin Bieber Comes Out…To Join Chance The Rapper [Coachella VIDEO]


Coachella’s opening weekend was full of celebrities, hot hipster girls and…Justin Bieber? Chance The Rapper was in the middle of an awesome set when the Biebz came out and sent the crowd into hysteria. Yes, apparently even the hipsters at a Chance show still go bat-sh*t over Justin Bieber. Bieber wore sunglasses, a white bucket hat (for some reason), a black T-shirt, baggy grey shorts, and black slipper shoes–in addition to sporting a gold chain and black bandana around his neck. Also, an orange bandana tied around his wrist to make sure that he looked just about as douchey as he always does. 

Check out the video above for a (pretty low-quality) look at the big event–but we’re sure that more videos will be surfacing soon. Bieber wasn’t the only huge surprise at the festival, of course, but it was sure unexpected. We’ll definitely be streaming next weekend to see what happens next…

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