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Irina Shayk Went Swimming With Pigs [PHOTOS]


We’re not really sure what it means when we can report that Irina Shayk went swimming with pigs. All we know for sure is that we have a few ex-girlfriends who’d make some snide remarks about how it must mean that we got lucky. Sadly, that is not the case in this pic from Irina’s incredible Instagram account. All we know for sure is that Irina is at work on a beach somewhere, and there are pigs in the world who currently have a much better life than anyone in the COED offices.

Yeah, life is fair. Anyway, we decided to distract ourselves away from our suicidal thoughts long enough to do some research, and we’re thinking that Irina must be lounging around in the Exuma Cays. That’s a nice little chain of islands in the Bahamas that boasts the tourist attraction of Pig Beach. Which, as you might guess, offers the spectacle of local pigs who enjoy swimming in the sea.

We can think of better things to do in the Bahamas than hang out with pigs, but we’re pretty sure that Irina Shayk could convince us that it’s a really fun idea. Actually, it really does kind of look like fun. We’re surprised that we haven’t seen more photo shoots taking advantage of pigs on the beach. We bet all kinds of models would love these little guys. Anybody know the odds of being reincarnated as a pig on Pig Beach? Not that we’re planning on doing anything drastic. Asking for a friend.

And now we’re going to be friendly enough to share more shots of Irina. There aren’t any pigs in these pics, but we don’t think that you’ll mind…

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