Are These The 10 Biggest Blunts Ever Smoked On Camera? [VIDEO]

In honor of every stoner’s favorite holiday (besides Thanksgiving), we went on a quest to find who the best pot smokers are out there. What we found was impressive to say the least…

Are these the 10 biggest blunts ever smoked on camera? It sure looks like it. This Sunday, we want to be wherever these people are because these guys know how to get down…

Size: 28 Grams

Size: 450 grams (educated guess)

Size: 14.4 Grams

Size: 453 Grams

Size: 41.8 Grams


Size: 453 Grams

Size: 200 grams (educated guess)

Size: 45 grams (educated guess)

Size: 226 Grams

Size: 60 grams (educated guess)

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