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LeSean McCoy Says His 2-Year-Old Son Is Better Than Tim Tebow [VIDEO]

LeSean McCoy — My Toddler Has More Talent … Than Tim Tebow!
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After getting off his flight at LAX, LeSean “Shady” McCoy was asked if Vince Young or Tim Tebow was the best NFL player currently not signed to an NFL team. McCoy laughed when he heard Tebow’s name and said that his two-tear-old son was better than Tebow. He then admitted that Vince Young is good and added Chris Johnson to the list.

In fairness to Tebow, he’s probably better than the young McCoy. As tired as we all got with Tebow-mania, it’s not like he made ESPN talk incessantly about him. Now here we are, still talking about Tebow even after he’s out of the league. We can’t wait to post a link to his 30 for 30 movie that will probably come out in 3 years.

via TMZ

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