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It’s Dylan Penn’s Birthday, and She Gave Us Plenty To Celebrate [PICS]


Dylan Penn turns 23 years old today, and the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright sure built up to her big day. The world took notice as she stripped down for Treats magazine–which was all kind of artsy and built around fashion design, but still counted as nude pics. Check them out at the site, but also marvel that Dylan could’ve saved this kind of unveiling for a bigger payday.

Playboy has been pretty outspoken about wanting to get Dylan Penn in their pages. Pretty much every guy’s magazine has caught on, too. It was still up to Entertainment Tonight to get the behind-the-scenes video of Dylan’s shoot, which you should definitely check out to see how Dylan posed for shots like this…

There was further good news last week with Dylan talking about film roles–because sometimes actresses get naked in those, right? That’s what we’ve heard. Dylan revealed to Treats that she’s making her acting debut in the horror film Condemned, where a bunch of young squatters in Manhattan’s Lower East Side get a weird infection that soon has them killing each other.

We’re hoping that’s sexier than it sounds. Anyway, here’s some more very sexy pics of Dylan, who’s a lot more attractive than most young squatters in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s possible that Condemned won’t be very realistic. That’s okay, though. We don’t need realism in our horror movies–although the Lower East Side is full of hot young gals who look like this…

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