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Katy Perry just released a lyric version of her new single “Birthday” which makes her The Woman Who Won The Week!

The video for the latest single from the album Prism doesn’t feature much of Katy Perry, but it does feature a lot of delicious looking cakes. It also spells out the song’s sweet, innuendo-filled lyrics. In the song, Perry sings, “So let me get you in your birthday suit. It’s time to bring out the big balloons.”

This lyric could have many meanings. The most obvious is that she wants someone to get naked while she pops large balloons for his or her enjoyment. It’s nice of Perry to write a song explicitly for people with a balloon fetish — “looners” as they’re commonly referred. A balloon fetish isn’t our thing, but you’ll find no judgements here. When the official version of the video gets released, maybe looners will have even more to look forward to.


COED Writer