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Syfy Saturday: Mya Takes On “Bermuda Tentacles” [23 PHOTOS]


It’s always exciting when the Syfy channel debuts some new Saturday night schlock–but tonight’s Bermuda Tentacles is particularly baffling. We’re not surprised to see ’90s pop diva Mya (aka Mya Harrison) in the cast, though. Syfy has brought in a few pop divas to star in their original productions over the years. Remember when we got Tiffany vs. Debbie Gibson in Mega Python vs Gatoroid? That was cool–although we’ve been more excited over Syfy sirens like Dominika JuilletKaitlyn Leeb, and Cassie Scerbo.

Mya still fits right in on the Syfy scene–but we can’t say the same for Terminator star Linda Hamilton. It’s a real surprise to see her in this tale of a Navy crew trying to save a downed U.S. President in the Bermuda Triangle, and discovering some tentacles on the loose.We mainly can’t figure out what recent big-screen production Bermuda Tentacles is supposed to be ripping off. The director is already working on a Hercules knock-off for when the Dwayne Johnson film comes out, but Bermuda Tentacles seems kind of original–except that the tentacles look a lot like Doc Ock’s tentacles in 2004’s Spider-Man 2.

Anyway, it’s great to see Mya making movies again. She had a hot pop career at the turn of the century, but was lucky to be on Dancing With the Stars by 2009. She’s a survivor, though, and these pics will convince you that she’s still got what it takes to draw in plenty of admirers–and the occasional writhing tentacle thingy. We probably shouldn’t dwell too much on that. Check out these pics, though, and you’ll ponder why Maya isn’t too big of a star for the Syfy channel–although we’d say the same thing about Linda Hamilton…

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