Lexa Doig on “Continuum” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Lexa Doig on Continuum

(10:00 PM EST, Syfy)

We’re a few seasons into a new season of Continuum on the Syfy channel–and your See Her Tonight column is going to take a break from the usual guest stars to geek out over one of our favorite sci-fi goddesses. Especially because Continuum once gave Lexa Doig an excuse for one of the greatest sex scenes in the history of basic cable, and everybody should tune in to see if that lightning strikes twice.

Actually, lots of things can happen twice, since Continuum is about time-travelers landing back in modern-day Vancouver and trying to either commit crimes or form a new Utopia. Lexa Doig plays a would-be world-changer who doesn’t like violence, but is pretty positive towards sex. We’ve been positive about Lexa for a long time, too–who first caught a generation of geeks’ eyes when she showed up in the 1994 sci-fi series TekWar.

Lexa was soon a regular presence in all of the low-budget sci-fi series that filmed in the Great White North. Her work as a sexy android on the old show Andromeda at the start of the century even made her a movie star–thanks to a lead role in the surprisingly strong Friday the 13th entry billed as Jason X. That’s also known to fans as Jason in Space. Lexa followed that up with more work on the small screen, including even more sci-fi with The 4400 and Stargate SG-1.

The genre credits just keep piling up–although we were happy to see Lexa also make it as a regular on Arctic Air, which has also given us guest appearances by Leah Gibson and Rebecca Marshall. Lexa still seems to have her heart set on sci-fi, and these pics will show you why she keeps us tuning into Syfy…

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