Gigi Hadid Just Got Us Excited For Cody Simpson’s New Video [PICS]

Cody Simpson will premiere the highly anticipated music video for his latest single “Surfboard” this upcoming Monday on CBS’ The Insider–airing at 7 pm EST, and can you guess why it’s so eagerly anticipated? Gigi Hadid. Yeah. The amiable pop star has certainly done one thing right in his career, which is landing the Sports Illustrated model as his girlfriend. Is it okay that we’re announcing that Gigi Hadid has a new video premiering on Monday, and her boyfriend is somehow involved?

Yeah, Gigi Hadid is somehow involved with Cody, too. We really shouldn’t be bitter. We’ll even be a little resentful and note that “Surfboard” is a pretty fun song. There could be a lot worse songs to be big summer hits, and maybe it’s even a sign that Cody Simpson is maturing. He’ll certainly need something to remind people that he’s a real-life musician and not just a suave guy rocking out on Dancing with the Stars.

And, of course, it’s laughable to worry about Cody Simpson when he’s already rich and famous at the age of 17. In fact, Gigi Hadid is the older woman in this relationship–since she’s now officially 18 years old, and it’s nice to be reminded of that as you check out these sneak peeks at the upcoming “Surfboard” video.

Gigi is about to turn 19 years old, too, which is why you can also enjoy these slightly older pics–and don’t forget to tune in to “Surfboard.” The tune’s really kind of catchy, and we haven’t even watched it with Gigi as accompaniment…

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