Five Videos Of Bada$$ Babies Smoking Weed And Living The High Life

Today’s big story in the world of “babies and drugs,” people are up in arms about the most moronic totally chill of parents who posted a video of a baby smoking weed on Vine.

We’d be crazy not to cover this story, so in the vein of “Kids Who Roll Face and Pop Molly” (aka, being totally serious) we bring you our five favorite instances of tiny little hippie babies gettin’ stoned.

And as if the videos alone aren’t enough to get you stoked for this post (what are you, some kind of narc?), we’ve decided to rate just how good the weed is that these tokin’ toddlers are getting.

How Good Is This Weed? This Rasta baby only smokes the finest kush, so he had to turn down the schwag offered by his pops. Although props to him, this baller already knows that smoking and pottying is the stuff of kings!

How Good Is This Weed? This was some super hydroponic ‘ish. She clearly loves it.

How Good Is This Weed? This is clearly some super mellow “Zombie” strain. She hits it like a pro and then leans back.

How Good Is This Weed? These babies are smoking purple haze –and this is clearly not their first rodeo.

How Good Is This Weed? This weed isn’t that strong because the li’l guy is hittin’ it from a bong, so it has to be on the less-than-insane side of things.

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