Emma Watson Into Sofia Vergara: Sexy Creepy, Mostly Sexy [PICS + VIDEO]

Yeah, we’ve been studying the above video for about a month now pondering the question of, “Is it really sexy to watch Emma Watson turn into Sofia Vergara through the magic of CGI?” Actually, the question we’ve been pondering had a lot more to do with our reaction to this video. We’ll spare you the details–but the important thing is that, verily, this is a sexy video, because it gives us images like this….

Yeah, well, maybe it would seem sexier to you if you’d ever had the imagination to put a picture of Emma Watson on the face of a blow-up doll. Never thought of that, did you? That’s why they call us players, dude. Also, we’ve decided that the video is way sexier than any related GIFs out there–but there are related GIFs that you can seek out there. Maybe that’s  your thing. We will not judge.

We will, however, worry about you judging us for giving you false hope about a topless Emma Watson. We’ll make up for that with the following pics of Emma relaxing on the beach earlier this year–and don’t forget to check out The 40 Sexiest Emma Watson Photos. Not counting these, of course…

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