Alessandra Ambrosio: 46 Pics For Her 33rd Birthday [PHOTOS]

We don’t have to wonder what Alessandra Ambrosio is doing on her birthday–not that she invited us to her party or anything. It’s just that the Victoria’s Secret model is making headlines for hitting the Coachella Music Festival while sporting a traditional American Indian headdress. Frankly, we’ve seen her in sexier outfits. The entire world has, since Alessandra Ambrosio is turning 33 years old today (that being April 11, 2014) as one of the most popular models in the Victoria’s Secret empire.

She’s been modeling for a while, too. The native Brazilian took modeling lessons at the age of 12, and nearly won the the 1996 Elite Model Look competition two years later. That launched her very busy career working with plenty of top designers. Now we’re marking the tenth anniversary of Alessandra stepping up as the first spokesmodel for the Victoria’s Secret PINK line. 

That turned the already successful model into a proper personality. Alessandra showed up (way too fleetingly) in the James Bond film Casino Royale in 2006, and joined the parade of hot babes on How I Met Your Mother the next year–alongside fellow Victoria’s Secret models like Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum, and Adriana Lima. She also joined the ranks of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models.

We should probably also note that Alessandra leapt into the spotlight while becoming a real MILF, and she’s been engaged to the father of her children  since 2008, but Alessandra won’t fully commit because she might still have a shot with a certain COED staffer.

We can’t comment any further on that. We can, however, show you plenty of pics that are a lot sexier than Alessandra Ambrosio in a traditional American Indian headdress. Enjoy this fine body of work, and see why we’re pretty sure that Alessandra has a couple more good decades in her…

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