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Price of NFL Jerseys Going Up


Nike Jersey Price Increase

It’s a time-honored tradition to show up at their favorite NFL team’s stadium wearing a team jersey. Well, the price of business to do that just went up. Nike announced some serious price increases on two of their highest-priced jerseys.

So now jersey prices have something in common with ticket prices. The official Game jersey is staying at $100. The Limited Jersey is going from $135 to $150, while the Elite Jersey–which is like what the players wear on the field–is going from $250 to $295. There’s a price to pay if you want to be just like your favorite player, but when is the cost too much to bear?

The point is going to come where fans show up in stadiums in team jerseys from players who aren’t with the team anymore. That won’t be loyalty. It’ll be because they can’t afford the newest jersey. Nike is just doing business and won’t say why the prices are going up–but we’re predicting that there’s also going to be an increase in counterfeit jerseys. Now we’re curious to see which players can move those higher-priced jerseys.

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