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NCAA Whiz Kid Loves March Madness, Should Come To Work at COED [VIDEO]


We don’t want to embarrass certain COED staffers, but we still want to fire a few of them so we can hire this 6-year-old. Some of the people here were distinctly lacking in March Madness. That’s not a problem for this kid, though. He was taking notes. Check out how he can run down the entire list of this year’s winners that would eventually lead to a big victory for the UConn Huskies.

Seriously, this is pretty amazing. We’re not impressed by most little kids who get trotted out to talk shows to recite trivia about some obsession. That’s what little kids do to train their brains. At least, the lucky little kids of the world get to do that kind of thing–but this is seriously spooky how this tyke has managed to keep track of a really busy season. We’re hoping that he’ll help us out next year with our bracket. Expect a similar joke when he ends up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, or whoever makes the best offer.

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