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Celebrate Siblings Day with Aly & AJ Michalka [PICS]


Hey, it’s Siblings Day–that being April 10th, when we’re all supposed to be really grateful for the brothers and sisters in our lives. Yeah. We’ll let you decide for yourself how much that deserves to be celebrated. We’re too busy taking this opportunity to celebrate the sexy sisterhood of Aly & AJ Michalka. They’re celebrating, too, since today is also AJ Michalka’s birthday, with the curvy blonde beauty turning 23 years old.

Yes, it’s been a while since Amanda Joy Michalka has been a tweener herself. It really hasn’t been that long since Aly & AJ enjoyed plenty of promotion on the Disney Channel, making a debut in 2006 as spoiled brats playing cowgirls in Cow Belles. Aly & AJ didn’t spend too much time on the kiddie scene, though. Their pop career always seemed to aim more than adults, and the two still spent plenty of time taking roles in very adult projects. That included AJ turning up in Peter Jackson’s thoroughly depressing film The Lonely Bones back in 2009.

AJ also showed up in the summer sci-fi film Super 8, and was intriguingly wholesome in the recent Christian Inspirational film Grace Unplugged. Aly has been a lot more daring with her recent turn as Amber Tamblyn‘s lesbian love interest on Two and a Half Men, and we’ve celebrated her role with plenty of solo pics.

Now let’s celebrate the sisterhood, with Aly & AJ still doing great music as 78violet and preparing a television pilot (with Lisa Kudrow as their mom) about their lives as single gals. Check out these pics–which including some great shots of AJ on her own, plus a special guest appearance by Miley Cyrus as a cat. You’ll see why we’re really hoping that new show doesn’t end up on the Disney Channel…

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