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Caroline Wozniacki: Pretty In Pink At Masters, Hot As A Blonde [PICS]


How does a tennis player like Caroline Wozniacki steal all of the glory at the start of a big golfing event like the Masters Tournament? By showing up in pink hair. The official winning color of the Masters Tournament is green, but people seemed really happy with Carol’s hair color–and veteran fans of the tennis star know that you have to be a little careful when it comes to Caroline’s hair styles. She’s been known to sport some wigs before.

We’re thinking this pink hair is legit, though. We checked out her Twitter account after Caroline was done playing caddy for her fiancé Rory McIlroy–and found a Twitter where Caroline was asking her fans about how easy it is to wash out some Manic Panic hair dye. Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of Manic Panic hair dye, and that sure looks like what Caroline was sporting at the top of her head. That’s not usually what captures our eye when it comes to Caroline on the tennis court, of course…

Anyway, we’re just happy that Caroline is happy–even if she’s happy that we were wrong about promoting those rumors about how Rory McIlroy had dumped her for publishing an unflattering pic of himself via Twitter. Guess that was just wishful thinking on our part. We should’ve guessed that Rory wouldn’t be that stupid. There’s a pretty long list of embarrassing pictures of ourselves that Caroline Wozniackci could publish before we’d break up with her.

And speaking of long lists of pictures–there aren’t many hot tennis gals who can get us throwing together a gallery with so many fantastic photos. Caroline Wozniacki doesn’t lack for plenty of fantastic moments. Check out these plentiful pics of Caroline on (and off) the court, and see why we consider this gal a real triple threat. Mostly to our pulse rate, because we don’t get off the couch very much, and this kind of excitement is bad for our heart…

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