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Brick Mansions’ Catalina Denis: Locked And Loaded In Exclusive Photos


We were already excited to see what was in store for us with the release of Brick Mansions (in theaters everywhere April 25th), so when we were offered three exclusive images of “Lola” one of the bada** babes from the movie, we had to leap on the opportunity. (click the exclusive photo above for full size)

The part of Lola is played by none other than Catalina Denis (@DezarteZ), a Colombian actress who’s landed her first female lead in an American movie. But that great news also comes with some sad news–Catalina will be one of the last female leads to ever star next to Paul Walker.

Lola and “Rayzah” (Ayisha Issa)

(click the exclusive photo above for full size)

Without giving too much of the plot away, Catalina plays the role of Lola who’s kidnapped by the city’s crime lord (RZA). And while Paul Walker and David Belle set out to go rescue her, from the looks of things Catalina’s able to handle herself pretty well around weapons. Guns, chains, the whole nine yards.

Check out some more photos of Catalina in our gallery below, then follow her and Brick Mansions on social media.

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