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16 Hall of Fame Bros From Masters Golf Tournament History


It’s hard to argue against the fact that The Masters Tournament is the most “Bro” of sporting events. Not only does it take place in the Augusta National Golf Club–a course where literally only two women can play–every year some of the biggest bros make the trip down to watch. But it’s not just the fans who fully embrace bro culture, the players get into it too.

With that being said, let’s get into the Masters Tournament spirit by taking a look back at some of the biggest bros to ever swing the stick.

1. “The Ridonkulus” Bro

Shouting “Mashed Potatoes” is one thing when you’re at a tournament like the US Open. But only the biggest bros have balls to yell “Ridonkulus” at a place like Augusta.


2. “Tiger Woods Superfan” Bro

Say what you will about his fashion sense…this dude is winning at life.

758228360 (1)

3. “The Adam Scott Air Hump” Bro

Alternatively known as just plain old “Adam Scott.” This air hump is his reaction upon winning the 2013 Masters.


4. The “Dustin Johnson Jetset” Bro

Bro extraordinaire, Dustin Johnson, left last year on a private jet with our favorite girl, Paulina Gretzky.

5. Jim Nantz “The Bro-et”

Who better than Jim Nantz to spit poetry about how life-changing and amazing The Masters always are?

Jason Duffner

6. The “Jason Duffner Chewing Tobacco Horseshoe” Bro

That’s a big a** lip of chewing tobacco for a big a** dude. Let this be a lesson to all young bros everywhere. If you play golf, no matter what you look like or do, you can land dimes for wives.


7. The “14-Year-Old” Bro

How about this 14-year-old bro Tianlang Guan rocking out with the big boys at Augusta this year? Big props to Tianlang when other kids your age are still going through puberty.


8. The “David Lynn Professional Golfer / Twitter Troll” Bro

Scroll through David Lynn’s awesome twitter and realize how funny this dude is. The picture above is him trolling others at the tournament.


9. John Daly

No quotations or explanations needed here. John Daly is a HOF-er when it comes bros in the golf world. And even though he’s now done playing in the Masters, he’s there this year posted up outside of HOOTERS hanging out selling autographed of Masters swag.

10. The “Senior Spanish Smoking” Bro

Miguel Angel Jimenez’s warm-up routine is absolutely legendary. Zero f*cks given. But to watch him do it on the most prestigious American golf course–with a cigar in hand–deserves much more than a golf clap.


11. The “Kandi Harris Mahan Husband” Bro

Hunter Mayhan is married to Kandi Harris, a former Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys cheerleader–a dream wife of bros everywhere.


12. The “Camo” Bro

I know that there are a lot of terms you could use to describe Ricky Fowler’s choice of clothing for the first day on the course (is is from Day 1 2014), but when Rory’s doing it–the term you use is bro. Sometimes bros don’t have the best fashion sense, but you sure as f*ck know they’re in the building.

13. The “Honorary Starters” Bros

You know that you’re a total bro when you’re asked to be a part in one of the greatest traditions in sports: the honorary starters. This year Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklaus got the Masters underway.


14. The “Command Center” Bro

Alright technically this is cheating because these bros aren’t really at the Masters drinking $3 beers, but they might as well be since they’re watching all the action from the comfort of their own man cave (or office).


15. The “All-American” Bro

The Bro-ing shall continue this year at the 2014 Masters with Webb Simpson. Simpson will be wearing Red, White and Blue every day of the tournament, starting today with some mighty fine American Flag pants (pictured above).

Brian Sebolt of East Lansing, Michigan holds a big cigar as he watches golfers on the first fairway during a practice round before the 2012 -780353

16. The “My Wife Won’t Let Me Act This Way At Home” Bro

While there are certainly a good amount of female patrons (not “spectators” at the Masters) at the Masters, for the most part it’s a boy’s club. So of course many men take advantage of the fact that their wives and girlfriends are at home to act like they’d like to.

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