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Heather Ann Davis on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Heather Ann Davis on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

Your See Her Tonight column has investigated CSI: Crime Scene Investigation plenty of times, thanks to rising stars like Anne McDaniels, Mindy Robinson, Luciana Faulhaber, and Ellen Hollman. We’re also landing future bragging rights by making a big deal out of Heather Ann Davis–who’s a pretty amazing young actress whose only flaw is being a real chameleon. She’s the kind of gal who can disappear in a role and not get noticed nearly enough.

Of course, we’re not the types not to notice a gal like Heather Ann Davis. She first caught our eye with a small guest role on Swingtown–that being a ’70s-set series about swingers that had us paying very close attention to every episode. We also took the time to check her out in The Lake, which wasn’t a very interesting show. Heather Ann sure held our interest, though. Then she showed up in the unfortunate Twilight Saga spoof Breaking Wind. Maybe that lowered our expectations, but we were then pleasantly surprised at Heather Ann’s work in the underseen Boner Police: The Movie.

We figure that’s the film that landed Heather Ann the chance to do some fine comedy on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Heather Ann also got to show off her acting skills in a surprisingly affecting role on an episode of Castle, and now we have her in what promises to be a kinky role in an episode where CSI looks into cannibalism. We can think of plenty of jokes to make right about now–but it’s probably best if we just check out these heavenly Heather Ann pics…

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