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Bar Rafaeli Is Candy-Colored For Passionata Lingerie [PHOTOS]


The main thing that we can take from these pics of Bar Rafaeli for Passionata Lingerie is that Hollywood should cast her in a Willie Wonka reboot. Then the producers can scour the COED staff for a romantic lead, and cast Leonardo DiCaprio as the Oompa Loompa crew. That should provide some karmic balance to the world.

Meanwhile, we think that it’s supremely fair for the Passionata brand to give us Bar Rafaeli in this glorious candy-colored photo shoot. This is the gal like we’ve never seen her before–and we’ve seen Bar a lot, ranging from her 47 sexiest GIFs to plentiful pics of her colossal cleavage. Now let’s celebrate Spring with Bar looking fit for an Easter basket. We’d been teased with video back in the cruelly cold month of January, but now the weather is a lot more appropriate for getting warm over Bar’s form…

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