University of Kentucky Fan Is Keeping His “Nati9Nal Champs” Tattoo

Last month, the story of Tyler Austin Black came to the forefront where he got a 2014 National Champions tattoo of his favorite team–that being the University of Kentucky. Black had a chance to make the people who mocked him look bad when the Wildcats played in the national championship game on Monday night. Unfortunately, Kentucky would fall to Connecticut in the title game. The good news (as seen in the Twitter above) is that Black got two free tickets to the championship game. And he’s going to keep this tattoo, according to ESPN

It takes a big person to get a tattoo before the accomplishment actually happens. Kentucky wasn’t even playing very well when Black got the initial ink. They turned it around as the tournament began, so Black’s leap of faith appeared like it would work out for him. At least he’s proud of his team, and will keep that on his skin for the rest of his life. There will be others like Black, too. They’ll come along with tattoos proclaiming championships that haven’t happened yet, and nobody knows where the next story will come from–but let’s salute the heroes who may be fallen, but stay inked.

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