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UConn Students Riot: Flip Cars, Toss Lamp Posts, Etc [PHOTOS + VIDEO]


UConn Riot Lead

Despite Derek the UConn RA’s best efforts, Storrs (the location of UConn‘s campus) went absolutely ballistic after their NCAA Championship win. Riots in the streets, lamp posts through windows, cars getting absolutely jacked up, the whole shebang. After all the student rioting in the news, everyone knew it was coming–it was just a question of how bad it was going to be. Judging from social media photos and videos–things got pretty wild.

Here’s one statistic to note, courtesy of CBS Local News:

“Campus police had made 30 arrests by 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, while state police had made others and more were expected, said University of Connecticut spokesman Tom Breen.”

Eventually the police broke everything up, along with the help of some canines┬ábut arrest numbers aren’t any fun if you don’t have visuals to back it up. Here’s what some of the kids were arrested for.

Uconn Riot (1)

Not a Smart Car but it still got flipped.

First off, this video was from five days ago but everyone thinks it’s from last night so I’ll post it anyways just to be with all the cool kids. It’s not though.

Uconn Riot (2)

Here’s something that did happen last night. This lamp post was used as a battering ram, right? I’d love to see that video if it exists.


Uconn Riot (3)

General scenes of madness after last night’s win. Hotties getting wild. Where’s the @UConnBoobs love?

Uconn Riot (4)

So… school’s cancelled right?

Just lighting my shirt on fire. No big deal.

Uconn Husky

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