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Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Officially Out Of This World [PHOTOS]


I wrote last week about how only haters and blind people don’t honestly believe that Kim Kardashian is hot, but these new photos of my Hollywood crush are the icing on the cake. This woman’s a** is out of this world. If I didn’t think that my boss would have fired me on the spot for picking Kim as the #1 celebrity butt, I would have pulled the trigger. But now I know why I didn’t. She’s not a celebrity, she’s an alien. Her butt is otherworldly.

HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? These are candid* photos that haven’t been photoshopped. These are photos taken on the beach, a place where she can’t wear spanx. I would love to just hear all the angry women right now fuming and trying to come up with some outrageous excuse for why her butt looks so good. And make no mistake about it ladies, this butt looks goooooood.

We’re not so sure what this photo shoot is for, but we’re awfully excited to see the final product. Check out some more candid* photos from the beach shoot below.

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