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Katee Sackhoff: 46 Pics For The Geek Goddess’ 34th Birthday [PHOTOS]


We celebrate a lot of tough gals here at COED (like Tricia Helfer and Ronda Rousey), and we love our Geek Goddesses (like Linda Cardellini and Chloe Dykstra), but there are few Geek Goddesses as tough as Katee Sackhoff. This offbeat beauty first started out as a typical blonde ingenue popping up on sitcoms about hot young people. Katee was easily one of the best things about MTV’s Undressed, for example, and didn’t seem particularly determined as potential fodder for Michael Myers in 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection.

But then Katee Sackhoff signed on to the Battlestar Galactica reboot the next year, and suddenly found herself steeped in fandom as tough fighter pilot Kara “Starbuck” Thrace. The role was perfect for Katee’s strangely sexy and imposing presence. Other sci-fi producers noted that she was a real warrior woman, and Katee soon found herself on another ’70s reboot, although The Bionic Woman never got the ratings it deserved.

Katee also had a fun stint on Nip/Tuck as a serial killer, and followed up Battlestar Galactica‘s run with a wild role on a season of 24. Katee also thrilled us fanboys with lots of work voicing animated characters. We were really kind of surprised to see Katee showing up on the A&E cable show Longmire in a modest supporting role as a rural law officer, but  then she showed up on the big screen in Riddick as a lesbian intergalactic bounty hunter, and all seemed right with the world.

Now we have Katee turnign 34 years old today–that being April 8th, 2014–with Oculus about to debut in theaters. We’re also looking forward to Katee in lingerie in the upcoming Tell. Now it’s time to look at Katee in all kinds of hot photos as we celebrate her birthday the best way we know how…

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